Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finally, gnocchi

The March cooking challenge was to make gnocchi. Clearly, I'm late. But I wanted to make it anyway.

Sunday dinner began with a salad of grilled greens (raddichio and red-leaf romaine).

Next, gnocchi in a light red tomato sauce, with gremolata and a little parmesan.
Then halibut, asparagus roasted with lemon and sage, and a minted carrot salad with currants.

This was my first potato gnocchi experience. I had this vision of making sweet potato gnocchi, seasoned with cumin. And I seasoned the russet potato gnocchi with coriander.

The gremolata and the sauce were delicious, and they completely overwhelmed any subtle flavors. Don't get me wrong—I enjoyed them. We all did. But next time, I'll double the coriander and I'll stick with the russets.

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sixtothe20 said...

Looks super tasty to me... (: