Saturday, April 4, 2009

NaPoWriMo poem #1

Well, not exactly. I'm writing a poem a day based on the prompts that Robert Lee Brewer is providing over at his Poetic Asides blog.

Day one's assignment was to write an origin poem, and I was stuck at the start. After I got going, I wrote three, and asked my husband to help me choose which fit best. He thought that this poem was more about food than origins (is this ever a problem?) so I'm posting this draft of it here instead:

Where These Come From

You ask about the origin of my hips,
a generous genesis coming from bacon
and pancakes at breakfast, a bit extra
added by that pina colada at lunch,
a mai tai or four on the cocktail cruise,
Kalua pig quesadilla,
wasabi macadamia nuts and even the peas,
goat cheese as smooth as butter,
fish bits crusted in coconut and served
with a sweet chili sauce the color of sunset,
lobster bisque, cole slaw with avocado,
and then there was the banana cream pie.
I was born with these bones
but the rest is a menu to relish.

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