Friday, April 10, 2009

Whatever you do, don't type that TOC

My new video is live now, and it covers how to compile a manuscript and add a table of contents—without typing it in by hand. See how to do it, and get your next book ready!

The live action in the video is at
Richard Hugo House in Seattle—an inviting space and a very supportive place for writers, with classes of all kinds and a packed schedule of events.

Next up: How to add page numbers to that manuscript.


sewhidbey said...

I am in the middle of managing a complex book project and would like to know if Word 2007 can handle two sets of notes on the same page -- footnotes with numbers and another set with the asterisk dagger system. It seems to want to make them all one or another.
Sue Ellen

Joannie said...

Good question--and I'll need to do some research. I know that sometimes people use the asterisk dagger system for footnotes while using the numbers system for end notes. (I remember seeing this when I read Don Quixote, which gave me many pages to observe the system.)

I'll take a look, though, and see what I find out.