Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Dorothy moment

A few weeks back I got a great idea for my next writing project. And it involved food, writing about food, which I've been wanting to do more often. I found a little information on Wikipedia. But then, I needed a book.

I checked one of the neighborhood used bookstores a couple of times and came up empty. I checked the neighborhood indy bookstore and came up empty. In Boulder, I tritsed through the rain to a Barnes & Noble in a strip mall and found that the book in question had been updated by a subsequent author.

Fabulous, but I wanted the original. I figured that the library was my next stop. Then one night, I broke down and checked for used copies. I ordered what I thought would fit my needs (a grand total of less than $8, including shipping).

I waited.

When the book arrived, it was a revised edition by another subsequent author. Did I order wrong? Did I not have enough information? Did they send the wrong book thinking it wouldn't matter.

(I think I didn't have enough information and ordered wrong.)

I went to Wikipedia and read the relevant information again. But this time, I scrolled down to the links at the bottom.

Now, think about those ruby slippers!

Links to material from the book I'd been looking for! It was there all along for me to find, right there in my own virtual backyard. And I'm back on track.

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