Monday, May 4, 2009

NaPoWriMo recap: A month of titles

I posted a few of the poems during the month, but I thought I'd follow Kelli's example from a year or two ago and post all the titles for the month:

At Another Beginning
The Problem with Whining
Bad Kitty
Seven Feathers Casino
In Our World
Spring Cleaning
After Work
Labor Day, 1994
Your Girl Friday
So We Decided to Crash the Party at Walter's House
On the Fence of Marriage
All I Want Is to Grow Tomatoes
In the Modern Dance Class
In the Face of It
After Death
(haiku: no title)
Always More
Here and Gone
From the Gate
The Croquet Tournament
What Is This New Language?
Where I Would Live, How I Would Write It
Do What You Can
Never Forget
Farewell, My Forties

I need to work on my titles!

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