Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When Spring arrives, the winter pansies are retired


The pitfalls of corporate landscaping. No doubt the pansies (or violas) will be replaced. But where did they go?


Premium T. said...

Well this is just shocking. (But I do love the snow in the photo!) Be sure to update us when the corporate landscaping decides on a suitable replacement. (I'm enjoying the dicentra, skunk cabbages, thimbleberry blossoms and fiddlehead ferns in the woods just east of M-S campus.)

Joannie said...

Usually the transitions are smoother. But I always wonder whether any kind of plant amnesty is involved.

Premium T. said...

I saw an official-looking gardening crew on 40th today, with flats of bright colors....impatiens? Hard to tell.

Joannie said...

I'll try to check, but that sounds likely.

And it reminds me of the time I wanted some New Guinea impatiens, and I sent my very young son to ask a clerk, who was very confused by his request for zucchini impatiens.