Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Gratitude Journal

Over on the Book of Kells, Kelli confesses every Tuesday and sometimes posts a gratitude journal. I think gratitude is wonderful. And because I sometimes get stressed or morose on Sundays, I'd like to take a page from Kelli's book and start a Sunday Gratitude Journal.

Today I am grateful that the scarlet runner beans are growing. They are my sign of hope.

I'm grateful for my family, both here and far away. I'm grateful that my daughter has the opportunity to adventure in Arizona this summer, and I'm looking forward to her return. Two months is a long time!

I'm grateful for the support from my friends—with writing and with life. And I'm grateful that sometimes I'm able to support my friends.

I'm grateful for the poems that have been coming to me this spring and summer, especially the poems that I write for others and can share with them.

I'm grateful for a sunny afternoon and my patchwork, jumbled garden, and the lessons that my garden teaches me over and over again. Work is never done.

I'm grateful for quiet—just enough quiet.

Thanks for listening. I'm grateful.

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