Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Video is bad for my diet

Penelope Trunk posted a piece about how people trying to do harder tasks--such as memorizing a long number--will, given the option, choose to snack on cake instead of fruit.

I don't know who these people are, but I have a feeling that I would always choose the cake.

Yesterday, I spent the morning working on this little video--recording sound, editing sound, trying to match it all up with the video. By noon, I needed sustenance.

"Salad? I don't think so."

I wanted some sort of physical ballast to provide me with some mental ballast, or agility, or at least a little more stamina. I went for the eggplant tofu with noodles--still pretty damn sweet.

Now, if we're to believe that sugar makes you more creative or is the new will-power or something like that, my reward was also my fuel.

But these small weekly videos may lead to a new and larger wardrobe. (I hope not.)

Or maybe I'll just get better at making them, so that videos become more like a shorter number.

Do you ever eat to create?

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Ramona Daniel Gault said...

Sometimes, only a chocolate chip cookie will do.