Thursday, December 4, 2008

Click Send

I just sent in my inaugural ode—which isn't really an ode, and I still wish it could have been a sestina.

How about you? The deadline is tomorrow.

I'll post it here on the Big Day.

It was fun to think about the transition we're in and where the U.S. could go in a good way and to try to capture those feelings in a poem, even if it felt a little fast and forced.

That said, I am in general feeling prompt burn-out. Having a daily prompt for NaPoWriMo or any other month of the 12 is fun, but I start to feel like it's pulling me away from the work that I want to do—like I'm spinning creativity cycles on poems that are, in the end, kind of a shrug. A great way to get over writer's block—but if you aren't blocked, a diversion. So I'll return to being the unparticipant for a while and try to work on work.

Do you like a steady diet of prompts? Are you able to interweave them into your other writing, use them as a tool to forge ahead? Or are they an aside, a separate endeavor?

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P.S. The correct address seems to be, and the deadline is tomorrow.