Friday, December 12, 2008

Wild Friday

I had a party to attend, and the wind was kicking up, so I left work at about 3:30.

At about 3:45, my car died on the highway. Dead. Nothing happening. I became a traffic hazard.

I've been stuck behind people like me.

But people are nice.

One person offered to pull me, but I had already called the State Patrol.

Another person offered to let me in. I think he thought I had a turn signal on and didn't see the emergency flashers.

Then two guys offered to push my car. This was good, as it took all my energy (and a shocking flood of adrenaline) just to steer over to the shoulder.


I called AAA, and I waited. I looked for out-of-state license plates: Oregon, Idaho, California, Utah, Indiana!.

I watched the rain on the windshield to see if it would turn to snow.

I still managed to get the wrong tow truck (how do you do that? total miscommunication and nothing to do with AAA), but even the wrong tow truck got me to the right place (the car mechanics'). My husband came and picked me up.

It took me four hours.

I missed the party, but I'm home. And people are nice.


Dana said...

I had a bad driving night Friday as well -- more than three hours to drive about 15 miles. But your night was worse, definitely.

Joannie said...

Three hours is still a sad way to spend a Friday. But I'm glad that you made it home safely--in time to freeze on Saturday!