Thursday, December 11, 2008


Not the crazy electric guitar kind.

Today I received a rejection letter (yes, it's that time of year when they flock to my mail box), and the editor had commented on a poem, noting what didn't work for him.

How often does that happen?

I'll take some time to think about it and take another look at that last stanza.


That poem is part of a series, most of which I will now probably never publish. And I'm willing to make that trade.

The series centers on the idea of "outside the capital," the fact that a lot of times we the people know what's going on months before the elected leaders in D.C. begin to get a clue. I wrote a lot of poems last fall. I even finished some of them, and one was published.

But after the November election, those poems have lost relevency. For now. For a good long while, I hope. And it's a trade I'm happy to make. For me, a good real life trumps a poem any day and every day.


But this is a poem I can work on. I probably won't send the same poem back to the same editor (and given the little rules I have, I probably won't send to this editor for another year).

Do you ever get feedback on the work that you submit?

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