Monday, December 15, 2008


I was standing at the fish counter in the supermarket when my phone rang.

My daughter told me that the cat had knocked over the Christmas tree, and even though she put it back up, it was leaning, so she was holding it. Could I hurry?

I took my parcel of shrimp, paid up, and walked very quickly home. We reset the tree stand (loosening, straightening, tightening), mopped up the water, picked up the big broken bits, vacuumed up the smaller ones, and Tom has since embarked on experiments for closing that part of the house off.

We'll see whether that works.


Martha Silano said...

Oops! This reminds me of the time I bought an x-mas tree and thought i knew how to tie it onto the top of my car. Not once but at least twice it slid off and had to be retied on.

And also the issue of listing, which mine do every year.

Hope the cat stays out of trouble at least through new year's. Happy Hanakwanzamas!

Jane said...

This is the stuff of which great stories and great memories are made. Could there be poetry in here too?

Joannie said...

I don't know, but I'd love to read a poem from Martha about the tree falling off the car. (If they let me buy the tree, I'm sure that would happen to me, too.)

Dawn said...

Been there done that more than one year. Two solutions - a large cast iron stand (ours is LLBean)and we tie the top of the tree up (in our case to a curtain rod holder).

Joannie said...

Good ideas, Dawn. I was thinking of putting ankle weights around the base, but they might not be heavy enough--not as heavy as cast iron. And while our curtain rods are also pretty flimsy, we could put a bolt in the wall where we usually have a picture and just move the picture when the tree is up.

Now, we've closed off that part of the house when we aren't at home, and Gilbert the cat has resumed his bread hunting. Yesterday, it was sourdough. We've decided to feed him more.