Thursday, December 4, 2008

For the love of language(s)

I love language, but I also love languages. I always thought that I would learn a lot of them, and well. I haven't gotten very far. I haven't gotten far at all.

But I had this great idea, I thought, for learning Italian. I'd found a couple of (mostly) cooking blogs, Cuoche dell'altro mondo and Un Tocco di Zenzero, and I thought that I could learn some Italian by translating these blogs. If not a whole blog post, at least the recipe.

Some of it can be figured out in context. A lot of it, not so much. Tonight, I finally broke out the Italian/English dictionary my son gave me last Christmas.

What is OMG in Italian?

I was lost immediately, so I skipped the introductory text and went straight to the recipe. In terms of translation, I still became lost quickly. I probably could cook it, minus a couple of ingredients, but I couldn't begin to tell you accurately what it means.

I need to try again, or I need to find another way to learn Italian.

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